Our Story

Thank you. I am grateful that you have found our site where we showcase our stunning hope chests. If you have a few moments, I would like to tell you something about what we do and then who we are. 

The first thing I would have you know is that each and every hope chest is manufactured right here in America, in the magnificent mountains of Utah. Simply put, we are custom cabinet and furniture makers. We want to create beautiful woodwork for those who yearn for such things in their homes and lives.  Each one of our chests is hand build by true master craftsmen that have decades of experience behind them. There is no production line work involved in these chests. Nor will there ever be. That would change the entire nature of them. Each chest is built with the idea that they are to outlive the first owner and become an heirloom that may be passed down through the generations. 

We have copied no ones’ design or ideas. These stunning hope chests are uniquely ours and nothing like them can be found anywhere. All of the finishes are applied using paint brushes wielded by expert hands and as such will display the brush marks in the final finish. This is by design, we do not want a perfectly smooth finish out of a spray gun. Each chest has slight antiquing that gives them a look of cherished time in someone's care. We will not make a hope chest without this antiquing as we know that little dings and marks are inevitable, and were they to come to you with a perfectly sprayed and flawless finish, your heart would sink over the first dent or scratch. As they are, any little dings or marks will simply add to an already stunning finish. 

An especially unique feature of our chests is the application of genuine gold leaf to not only decorate and add dimension but to beautifully highlight different aspects of the design. The gold we apply to each chest, whether it be white gold or 24 karat gold, is always genuine gold, never imitation. It is applied using age old gilding techniques. Depending on the particular finish, some gilding is  left in its natural state and some is glazed to achieve a particular look.  As a final protective process, every chest has a minimum of two full coats of a special water white, water based polycrylic clear finish that will protect the underlying finishes for years to come. In fact, all of our paints and clear coats are water based to avoid emitting unnecessary pollutants into the air.

As we make decisions about the construction of our hope chests, the over riding concern is always that the chest will stand the test of time. To that end we use numerous traditional joinery techniques such as half and full over lapping, mortise and tenons and a host of others. We also employ modern techniques such as the abundant use of biscuit joinery. In fact, the average hope chest will have over 100 biscuits to add additional strength to even the most ordinary of joints. By the way, a biscuit is a small wood wafer that fits into a specially cut slot in two adjoining pieces of wood. They have been compressed to allow them to swell back up when they have glue applied to them, creating an especially tight bond.

Aside from these explanations, I invite you to carefully inspect the pictures of the chests themselves. Those beautiful images will give a far clearer and more concise description than I can possible do in words. Because we have no production line of hope chests, any chest we make is unique. The pictures we post here are of the exact chest that you would receive. Look them over carefully. We want you to be happy and we go to great lengths to achieve that. We are always designing and building new chests and if you reach out to us, we can let you know what is on the horizon.

We will do custom hope chests with these conditions. We absolutely do our very best to create what you want, but we will not guarantee a perfect match to anything. Each chest is done with an artistic eye and as such no two are ever exactly alike. So we will custom build and finish, but of necessity we must be the final judge of how close we can come to the ideas you have in mind. 

And finally, a personal word. My name is Link Lindquist, my wife is Dianna. This is our business and our passion. I have been a cabinet and furniture maker for over forty years building and designing some of the finest woodwork that graces people's cherished homes. I am following in the tradition of my great, great grandfather, Nils Aaron Lindquist, who came from his home country of Sweden to America in the mid 1800's. He brought with him an impeccable set of woodworking skills that found him in great demand in the young Utah valley. The passion for his work continued to push him to excel at his beloved craft throughout his life. Eventually he found his skills as a woodworker being used frequently as a fine coffin maker. It was just a matter of time until N.A. Lindquist and Sons - Furniture and Undertaking, became simply Lindquist Mortuaries.  They are known throughout the mountains and valleys of Utah to this day by that same name. His skills have been passed onto me through life's DNA.

I love fine woodworking. I believe that in the making of beautiful furniture and cabinets for someone's home there is a sacred trust given to the craftsman. He, or she, is given the privilege of placing a small part of themselves and the skills of generations before them into someone's home. If they have done their job properly, what they make can bring a feeling of joy and harmony into that home. These are not just idle words for me, I have lived them with my wife for many decades. 

My sweet wife Dianna is the inspiration and talent behind the colors and finishes. She is nothing short of remarkable when it comes to developing stunning finishes. Her finishes are complex and absolutely brilliant in her choice and combination of colors and glazes. In our furniture business she has created some of the most beautiful furniture over the years from old worn out pieces that others thought were destined for the trash heap. Without her, there would be no Silkwood hope chests.

Twenty five years ago I had a desire to make something special for our two daughters for Christmas. My thoughts immediately turned to creating each of them a hope chest.  My first instinct was to search for a dynamic design that I could build. I searched for a very long time in every venue I could think of. What I found was incredibly disappointing! No such dynamic hope chests existed. They were drab, dreary and woefully wrong for someone I loved so much. 

I was left with no alternative but to begin the design process in my own mind. A few months later it was Christmas and we delivered to both daughters a hope chest that they continue to cherish. Many years later one of their own daughters asked if I would make her one as well. I recommended that she find a design she liked and we would build and finish it for her. To help her find something, we once again went searching for a beautiful hope chest. There was nothing comparable to what I had come up with all of those years earlier. From that search came the idea that if we could not find anything worthy of those we loved so much, there must be others in the same dilemma. And so began Silkwood; Heirloom Hope & Treasure Chests. The chest you see here, which we call “Forget me Not”, is the same design that our own daughters have with a few details changed as needed to make these chests even more stunning in their beauty. We hope you love them as much as we love building them.  Thank you so much for finding us, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. 

Till then, Link and Dianna Lindquist


Thank you from all of us.We had fun shooting these chests and hope you find one that you love.