Welcome to Silkwood! 

Thank you. I am grateful that you have found our site where we showcase the stunning hope chests that we desire to build for people across the world. If you have a few moments, I would like to tell you something about what we do and then who we are. 

The first thing I would have you know is that each and every hope chest is manufactured right here in America, in the magnificent mountains of Utah. Simply put, we are custom cabinet and furniture makers. We want to create beautiful woodwork for those who yearn for such things in their homes and lives.  Each one of our chests is hand build by true master craftsmen that have decades of experience behind them. There is no production line work involved in these chests. Nor will there ever be. That would change the entire nature of them. Each chest is built with the idea that they are to outlive the first owner and become an heirloom that may be passed down through the generations. 

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